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Coffee House

REPORTER Coffee House is located on the first floor of this establishment.

It should be mentioned, that since 7:00 AM you can feel aromatic smell of coffee and croissants at this democratic level, and there are always fresh magazines and newspapers on the bar. Special menu for breakfast and lunches is also famous for its democratic prices.

Local confectionary is a story in its own right. Without many words, it may be said that sweets in Reporter coffee house surely obtained reputation of a sweets-lover’s paradise.

In the evenings, the coffee house is popular with the fashion public, connoisseurs of good taste and elegant relaxing atmosphere with light cocktail music.

And by night concentration of glamour exceeds all maximum permissible norms.
г. Днепр, ул. Баррикадная 2, тел. +38 (095) 233 75 75 - Обратная связь
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