View a movie

You have a unique chance to have a wonderful evening by combining a fabulous dinner in the restaurant with further review of the movie You choose (in Russian) in a cozy and comfortable six-seat hall.

Calling a waiter will allow you enjoy not only the movie but elegant drinks as well.

The movie hall is furnished with up-to-date projection equipment with the best American sound system Dolby Digital Surround EX from JBL Synthesis, with large power and acoustic sound volume, advanced projection equipment of American company of Vidikron guarantees the highest quality of images on the screen.

Greatest premiers of the Cannes Festival are displayed only by means of the American sound system of JBL Synthesis!

Constantly updatable list of displayed movies will not leave You untouched.

P.S. Feel the atmosphere of the Cannes Festival on the most luxuriant seats!

Oder movie shows by phone: 095-233-98-77

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