Special Guest Party
Vocal evening with Yevgeny Anishko
Groovy Songs
Lively music with Anastasiya Markova
Winter Groove
Ho ho ho! Let`s party!
St. Nicolas day
Vocal evening with Anastasia Markova
Helloween Night
Vocal evening with Anna Markova
Groove Songs Impression
Lunch time -25%
27/01/18 – Groovy Songs
13/01/17 – Ukrainian party
29.12.17 – Groovy Songs
Martini Negroni Night
2/12/17 - Groovy Songs
18.11.17 – Groovy Songs
New movie
We are on AppStore
You tasty experience!
Decadence Night
Happy St. Patricks Day
Ladies Night
March 8
For Friends
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