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For every visitor of our city who wants to have quality time with good meal and in a good company, there is only one recommendation - The Reporter restaurant. Situated in the very heart of Dnipro, this fine establishment is open to public round the clock.

Start your day with a cup of aromatic coffee and freshly-baked pastry or treat yourself to a gourmet breakfast (so varied and plentiful) in our coffee house on the first floor, which is open from 7.00 am to midnight.
For business meetings, family dinner or romantic evening choose our fine dining restaurant on the second floor which has been the hallmark of our city since 2003.
And spend the rest of the night with a signature cocktail in hand in a crowd of friendly people, listening to good music, dancing, smoking hookah and ordering from the late-night menu. The pub is open from noon to 7.00 am

As a real Reporter, we are always ready to serve you everything fresh - the food, the news and trends.

г. Днепр, ул. Баррикадная 2, тел. +38 (095) 233 75 75 - Обратная связь
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